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Naruto manga semanal -643- Empty Naruto manga semanal -643-

Mensaje por Tendo_12 Vie Ago 16, 2013 8:45 pm

Parece que se coló la RAW del capitulo de esta semana.

[Solamente los administradores pueden ver este vínculo]

Y una traducción en ingles que la user SakuraChanNyu dejo en el Foro Anti-NaruHuana:

SakuraChanNyu escribió:Full disclosure: This is from the Chinese translation! Since it's a translation of a translation (which itself was low quality), there may be errors. That being said, enjoy!

Chapter 643: Two Fists Bumping Together!

Page 1

Black Kyuubi: Hmph! Do you intend to let your son take care of this mess for you?
Black Kyuubi: Just because you locked away my other half within your son’s body…
Black Kyuubi: You believe that I will join hands with my other half, right?
Minato: Kyuubi…
Black Kyuubi: Careful you don’t come to regret it!
Black Kyuubi: Kushina’s death wasn’t your fault…your son becoming a jinchuuriki wasn’t your fault either…and there’s no need to berate yourself for the world turning into such a state either…

Page 2

Black Kyuubi: The one who is trying to change all of this is your son. He’s no longer that little infant from long ago.
Black Kyuubi: In the not-so-distant future…
White Kyuubi: Naruto! I have something to say to you. Listen up!
Naruto: !!

Page 3

Minato: …
[Tobirama teleports away with Naruto]
[Obito is face down with a large rasengan hole in his upper back]
Naruto: ! Just like I suspected!
Obito: So the Jyuubi’s host actually has a weakness such as this…
Obito stands up.
Obito: (Since, Naruto’s technique has already entered the body of the Jyuubi, there’s no way to negate it after-the-fact)
[Obito’s body is healing]

Page 4

Naruto: Senjutsu techniques are effective!
Sasuke: The power based on Sage arts….
Naruto: Senjutsu techniques are rooted in the usage of natural energy….
Naruto: Come to think of it, when I sensed the Jyuubi’s power, all I could feel was natural energy…
Sasuke: Only natural energy can counter natural energy. Is that what you mean? Although I don’t fully understand what you are talking about, but…
Naruto: LEARNING SENJUTSU WAS REALLY AWESOME! Okay, now I’ll use the Frog-Fu (Frog Kumite) techniques to deal with this guy!

Page 5

Tobirama: (He was able to immediately cooperate with my Hiraishin technique, and even mastered the power of Senjutsu…)
Tobirama (smiling): (It feels exactly like the way it used to be when my elder brother and I fought in together.)
Sasuke: …
Obito: …
[Two flames appear from the spikes on Obito’s back]
Tobirama: Although the technique was effective…as soon as he’s recovered, he’ll become even more dangerous.
Tobirama: (If I continue to teleport behind him, it’s very likely that he’ll immediately kill me)
Obito: It’s about time to begin preparations for the Moon’s Eye. Time to wipe all obstructions from my path. SAND!

Page 6

[A giant, gloopy looking flower with petals like the Jyuubi’s earlier form explodes from the ground]
Everyone: !
Obito: This world…no longer has any value remaining in it.

Page 7

Naruto: !
Obito [rising through the sky]: This world died long ago…
Flower Monster begins to prepare four bijuudamas.
Battlefield Combatants: !!
Random combatant 1: Not good!
Random combatant 2: There’s four?! Do they plan to destroy us all at one go?
Akatsuchi: Even if we have everyone use earth techniques to pull up a layered wall, we’d be too late!
Shikamaru: (What should we do next? Focus…gotta focus…)

Page 8

Tobirama: Even if we teleport it away with Hiraishin, at most we’ll only be able to each teleport away one!
Tobirama: The Yondaime Hokage and I can only teleport away two in total! There’s nothing we can do about the other two! Elder brother!
Hashirama: Madara! Can you wait a sec! Your colleague is about to…
Madara: Both of us are just corpses raised by Edo Tensei! No need to worry about too many other things!
Madara: Just try and charge through me!

Page 9

Hashirama clone: Everyone, don’t lose hope! I’m still here! All we have to do is change the trajectory of that bijuudama! Hokages, think of ways to push them to the sea!
Hashirama clone: I’ll have to trouble everyone to create earthen walls, while I’ll use wood-jutsu to drawn them towards the sea!
Obito: Hmph! Don’t even think about it!
Obito fires four bolts of black rods surrounded by chakra flames/shroud.

Page 10

Obito: Six Flaming Suns Technique!
[A huge barrier is created between the area where the four rods landed, trapping the ninja
army inside]

Page 11

[More images of the huge barrier]

Page 12

Randon nin: This is the end!
Random nin 2: If this is the result….we are gonna…
Hashirama clone: So you’re going to trap everyone inside so we can’t divert the bijuu bomb away, eh?
Obito: It really is about time to wrap this up [unsure of this translation, text not clear]
Tobirama: Since this is the case, the only option we have is to use Hiraishin to teleport them outside the barrier. Yondaime Hokage…are you able to teleport two of them away?
Minato: Given that I’m unable to create any markings right now, at most I’ll be able to teleport one away.
Minato: But there’s another way…
Minato: (And that way is…)
Obito: You want to teleport my tree away? Do you think I’ll let you do as you please?
Obito: You won’t be able to save anyone!

Page 13

Minato: …
Naruto: Hey, pops…I have an idea…don’t know if it would work…
Minato: !
Naruto: Bump fists with me?
Minato: ?
Obito: …
[They bump fists]

Page 14

White Kyuubi: Hey! How’s my other half doing? Not bad?
White Kyuubi: Can you give me part of your chakra?
Black Kyuubi: ?!
Black Kyuubi: Begging myself for help…feels really weird…
Obito: Naruto…that fellow [Minato] isn’t able to accomplish anything…
Obito: He wasn’t even able to save your mother…
Naruto: …
Obito: The same was true for his own subordinates…
Minato: …
Obito: Do you know what day it is, tomorrow?

Page 15

Naruto: …
Obito: It’s the anniversary of Rin and Kushina’s deaths! The day your mother died!
Obito: Listen up. When people die, everything about them comes to an end…this world…
Naruto: That’s right…
Naruto: Then tomorrow is…
Naruto: My birthday as well.
Minato: !
Minato: …
Naruto: You listen up as well. This world is not coming to an end.
Obito: …
Naruto: Because I still exist in this world!
Naruto: Let’s go, pops!

Page 16

Obito: …
Minato flashbacks to Kuushina: (Our little Naruto really has grown up, both mature and strong. Kushina…)
Minato: OKAY!

The most powerful father and son duo join forces to attack!
A ver si pronto sale en español o mínimo en ingles.

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Naruto manga semanal -643- Empty Has posteado en este tema. Naruto manga semanal -643-

Mensaje por Martikos Sáb Ago 17, 2013 12:24 am

Ya está, con una calidad razonable, pero no es HQ o HD: capítulo [Solamente los administradores pueden ver este vínculo].

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